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Information for Clinicians

Why Choose Canberra Clinical Genomics for Your Patients?

We are currently the only genomics lab in Australia that provides free genomic sequencing and analysis to our patients without the restrictions of Medicare. Fully government funded, in connection with one of Australia's top universities, we provide local and specialised care to all our patients, in and around the ACT region. Our team is small, so can provide insights into your testing that no large commercial team could provide. With regular support options and a dedicated team, we aim to positively change the way genomic testing impacts the diagnosis and treatment options for your patients.   

What Makes My Patient Eligible for the Free Testing?

Currently, any ACT and surrounding resident that has a clinical indication of disease, and their family members, can receive our fully funded government genomic testing, free of charge. 

We do not currently offer paid services, so eligibility is essential. 

Which Clinicians Are Authorised to Order Which Test?

The National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council (NPAAC) have developed clear guidelines for establishing patient consent for genetic/genomic testing in varying clinical contexts. The three testing levels are based on risk to the patient and family. 
Level 1 - The risk of a clinically complex result is low.  
• Testing for diagnostic purposes* (patient with signs or symptoms present) for a single biological system (e.g. lipid disorder, heart condition, kidney disease, familial cancer…..)  
• Population screening & other screening with low risk of complex results 
• Somatic genetic testing (e.g. cancer, mosaic testing) 

Most CCG tests fit into this category. 
This level of testing does not require pre-test genetic counselling.  
A carefully filled out test request/consent form is sufficient and must include the patient’s (or guardian’s) and requesting doctor’s signatures 


Level 2 - The risk of a clinically complex result is moderate. DNA testing for which specialised knowledge is needed before the DNA test is requested, and for which professional genetic counselling and written informed consent should precede and accompany the test.  
• Predictive (Pre-symptomatic) testing 
• Expanded carrier screening / Couple reproductive risk screening for which there is no specific treatment 

Level 3 - The risk of a clinically complex result is high.     
Complex analysis and a high pre-test probability of unsolicited findings. Specialised knowledge relevant to the test is needed. Professional genetic counselling and written informed consent must precede and accompany the test.  

• Whole Genome Analysis ** 
• Large & complex gene panels involving more than one organ system (e.g. Intellectual Disability) ** 
** The referring clinician must first contact CCG to request this level of testing.  

Ordering Tests

Any Clinical Geneticist or Specialist around Australia can order a genomic test. There are also exceptions for GP's that contact us prior to ensure their patients have had the correct genetic counselling, that they understand the consent required, and are aware of the limitations that genetic testing on their treatment plans. If you wish to discuss potential genes or tests with our Genetic Pathologist, please send a request to, including your availability over the next fortnight. Our Genetic Pathologist is always open to discussing the ways our tests can positively impact your patients.     

To order a test, completely fill one of our request forms. Every section has a purpose and allows us to refine your patients phenotype, allowing for the best quality analysis. Missing information may lead to us looking in the wrong area, missing important mutations that could explain your patient's phenotype.

For CHS Clinicians - Ordering a test in Beaker
For ACT Clinicians with access to the ACT's Pathology DHR system (Beaker), you'll be required to order a test through the DHR system, and to also complete one of our request forms.

Please note: The "test requested" section on the genome sequencing request form is for internal reference. In the DHR, ALL tests on the genome sequencing request form will be entered as "Whole Genome Sequencing at Canberra Clinical Genomics", this includes any gene panel analysis testing.

Sanger Sequencing and MLPA requests are ordered under their own test, ending in the "... at Canberra Clinical Genomics" suffix.

Where to Send My Patients for Collection?

ACT Pathology - Canberra Clinical Genomics and ACT Pathology both sit under Canberra Health Services, our local government health service. We have a strong relationship with their team, and work closely with them to ensure your patient's specimens are brought to us in a timely manner. We strongly encourage the use of ACT Pathology as they have the best experience with our tests and know what is required. 


For information on ACT Pathology's collection centre locations, please visit the CHS website.

Following Up on Tests

If you believe your test is taking a little longer than expected (referring to the average TAT's seen on "our services" page), please feel free to send an email to and we can advise on the current turnaround time for your patient's case. For urgent matters, where patient care would be impacted by a delay, please call us directly on 02 6174 5630.

Receiving Reports 

The ACT Health System has introduced Epic, the territories Digital Health Record (DHR) System. This will be where tests are ordered and kept, but not where our results are released. Due to the sensitive and specialist nature of our tests and their results, results are only provided on a need to know basis. As long as consent is given by the patient, we are able to send you the reports directly through AARNet's FileSender. For more information on this service, please visit their website

For this to occur, we send your access link through email, and password to the report through text message. Passwords will never be sent through the email receiving the report links. To be added to our requesting doctors list, or to update existing information, please fill out your details below and we'll send a confirmation email when you're added.  

To receive reports, please complete the following form, or send us and email with your details as shown below. A valid email and mobile phone number is required for a report to be securely sent to you. 

Submission Sent

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