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Information for Researchers

Working With Canberra Clinical Genomics For Your NGS Sequencing Needs

We are currently offering limited ability to link in with researchers, but are always willing to discuss your needs.

Laboratory work we can offer:
- High throughput low molecular weight DNA extractions (Standard size for Illumina Sequencing)

- Low throughput high molecular weight DNA extractions (Required for PacBio Long Read Sequencing)

- Standard Illumina short read DNA sequencing with extraction and library preparation (without analysis)

- PacBio long read DNA sequencing with extraction and library preparation (without analysis)

If you're studying a specific gene or phenotype, and are looking for controls that fit, we can help connect you with these patients through their clinician. No personal data (including names and ages) or patient samples (DNA or Blood) can be provided however until research consent forms are signed by the patient and provided in full to the lab.

For enquires about working with us and the costs involved, please send an enquiry to so we can discuss your needs and our capabilities.

Are you a student looking for a placement?

Are you a Masters student looking for a placement to complete your degree? Or are you a PhD student looking for some academic support or a new gene to research? We may be able to help.

Canberra Clinical Genomics can offer some tailored placements, which include;

- Providing exposure to an accredited clinical genomics laboratory.

- The ability to learn the variant curation process on our in house software with guidance from our Clinicial Bioinformaticians.

- Real world cases that can be used in your thesis.

Spots are limited each semester, so please send your enquiries to sooner to allow us to make the appropriate accommodations to host you.

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