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Our commitment to patient privacy

Canberra Clinical Genomics is committed to keeping all records private and secure. We ensure that your information is stored securely and is only accessed by the few relevant health professionals working on your case. 

Canberra Clinical Genomics upholds the strict legislation stated in the ACT Freedom of Information Act and upholds the principles described in the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights to commit to a transparent healthcare service. Some of the  information and outcomes in our reports can cause distress to a patient and their family. We always recommend seeing your clinician to discuss these results before obtaining a copy of the report. During the discussion, your clinician can provide a copy of the report for you to take home. 

Who can access my genomic testing records from Canberra Clinical Genomics?

Your genomic testing records can only be accessed by a limited number of Canberra Clinical Genomics staff for reasons pertaining to your health care. No results are published directly to the ACT's Digital Health Record, however a statement alerting clinicians that testing was done will be available as a future reference. No results will be provided to any clinicians without your prior approval. No records will be shared with family members without your prior approval.


Once the report is sent to an approved clinician, they are ultimately responsible for protecting the sensitive information contained within the report from anyone without your prior approval. Canberra Clinical Genomics takes no responsibility if an approved clinician breaks this responsibility. 

Withdrawing from testing at Canberra Clinical Genomics

As a patient or legal guardian, it is your right to withdraw from medical testing if and when you feel it is right to do so. Canberra Clinical Genomics will appropriately destroy all records received and produced, in a timely and secure manner from when the Operations Team is alerted of this change. You can send an email to or call 02 6174 5630 to withdraw from consent. 

If you have any other concerns or queries, please contact us at 

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